Online Dating Tips

Online dating isn’t as easy or straightforward as it sounds. However, there are a few mistakes you’ll absolutely want to avoid making. The top internet dating mistakes you need to avoid are:

1. Upload A Bunch Of Photos
In all honesty, there is no need to upload dozens and dozens of photos of yourself. Too many people treat dating websites like Facebook, and they end up uploading any and all photos of themselves. This is overkill and the chances are you won’t make any real connections.

There is no set rule on how many pictures should be on your dating profile. As a general rule of thumb, upload a profile picture and no more than 8-10 photos. Any more than that is unnecessary.

2. Be Picky Over Details
Another mistake you want to avoid is being picky over every single detail. For example, if you live in a specific city and you come across a profile of a person who lives there too, then don’t disregard them if you think it is out of the way. Sure, the location might be across town, but this isn’t a big deal. The same goes for other details such as types of food a person likes, movies and show preferences and other small things like that.

3. Send Subtle Flirty/Perverted Messages
It doesn’t matter how polite you say it, a perverted message or subtle flirty message on the verge of being a perverted message will not go over well. Even if it does, you will likely not make a solid connection with the person you’re sending it to. Besides that, they will only think you’ve sent similar messages to a bunch of other people. This could easily create doubt in their mind that they can get to know you.

Do yourself a favor, don’t send perverted messages. If you get an urge to do so, then stop yourself right away.

4. Make Claims About Your Personality
Do not talk about what your personality is like. You might build an image of yourself only for the person to be disappointed later down the road. Trust us when we say never talk about your personality.

The next time you enter the world of online dating, do avoid uploading a bunch of photos and don’t be nitpicking at minor details that should be easily overlooked. Never send dirty messages or messages that are on the edge of being dirty and don’t make any claims regarding your personality. If you do those things, you’ll increase your chances of success with online dating.

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