Month: October 2017

What’s Happening at

Today at, I would like to talk about what’s in the works here at my blog! First of all, I enjoy movies and the arts, so getting a site with a cinamesque type of name felt good! Sometimes, I kind of feel like life itself is somewhat of a movie or some type of “show” that we’re all a part of. At times we are the actors, and at other times we’re the audience as we watch things in life unfold.

At other times, I get the feeling that if we see someone (especially friends like on Facebook or something) and they’re talking about all this drama in their lives, then the “movie” gets almost annoying – like when you are forced to watch a film that you aren’t interested in, but everyone else really wants to watch it, and you agreed, so you’re kind of stuck for the evening.

So, yeah, sometimes life is like that too.

But, all in all, you gotta participate, right? And, so, as we go forward here at the blog, sometimes you might find that you dig what we’re writing about, and other times you may just want to leave the theater. I’m cool with that, because of course we’re all different. But, please come back and see what we do write, and hopefully at least sometimes it’ll be something you like! Thanks!